Tuesday, 18 March 2008


You have every right to embrace the reality of the moment.
To feel the freshness of existence, to be in an intimate relationship with your feelings
Without having to feel that you are always being watched by somebody, without caring that someone is studying you...

I have become so scared of somebody judging me all the time, because perhaps I judge others all the time.
Having no confidence in myself, I start to have the lowest expectations...
It connects to the memory of myself, which is one of loathing and clumsiness
In this wide world, with billions of colours, I am locking myself into the smallest of prisons
and it is all a trick of the mind, of perception of the self, memory of a former self...

Social justice, cannot link back to memory and text-books
It must be something one has experience and real knowledge of...
You stay in a room so long, you begin to think you were born in that room and outside that room you will be killed.
How do I free myself from the restraints of the mind?
How do I free myself from the perception I have of myself?
How do I search inside me for the best of me, take that feeling and run for the rest of my life?
Isn't that what I wish I had the courage to do? To be the best person I can be?

We are talking about absolute freedom of the mind
We are talking about ideologically being the practical representations of ourselves
Freedom from the self, means freedom from our memories and self-depictions
This is not spiritualism, it's awareness.

I will not monopolize this debate with my perceptions of what is or isn't..
My thoughts on the definitions are not that important
and my brain shouldn't 'compute' information as a machine either...
I am trying to appreciate life here, I am tryng to find a sense of peace
Everyone has an equally valid point of view, nobody should be excluded

I sat on the platform at Clapham Junction
Watching multi-coloured trains fly over my head
and then one smashed into my subconscious
and out came the illegal immigrants...

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