Tuesday, 18 March 2008


There will come a time in your life
when absolutely nothing will make you happy
You will drift through malls and department stores looking for salvation
but it will escape you each and every time.

You will struggle to understand how this could be happening
It will frighten and frustrate you
You will surround yourself with things that previously brought you happiness
but those same songs don't work again for the 394th time.

You will look everywhere around you,
from the ultra-crowded bars, to beneath the ultra-violent light of solitude
hoping to find the answer lurking idealistically, romantically, even nostalgically
but all it will bring you is more emptiness, melancholy and sadness

You will attempt to force it to return to you
but it will be as hopeless as attempting to light a match on a bar of soap
'How dare this feeling linger?' I suspect you'll cry out, under your breath
All the while, feeling drained and defeated.
The tricks of yesterday have failed you,
and you don't know what else to do.

You are being separated from the whole
Torn violently from the self
You study the skies in search of salvation
begging for a re-birth, a second chance

You begin to feel drawn to food and familiar gatherings with friends
You find a warm cocoon in oft-repeated jokes and identical ideas
The smell of KFC sends you to sleep like a baby
Because the closest thing you have to new feelings
are the recycled ones.

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