Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Sometimes I repeat myself, Sometimes I repeat myself, because I live in an echo chamber.

Nothing will kill your spirit faster than ‘conventional’ wisdom

I promise , the next time I see Mickey Mouse, I will punch him in his fucking face!

If Jesus returns from Narnia I hope he kills his publicist, for fucking up the message royally.

The problem with my Buddhist brethren in Myanmar and Lhasa isn’t the power of their prayers, or the effectiveness of their chants, but their visible lack of AK-47’s.

Mcdonalds is going to solve poverty? hahahahahahahahahaha

Good luck to Marlon Brando for getting his lucky induction into Heaven.

NEVER trust a guru who doesn't have a paying job!

What seems to most have benefited from 9/11, and all the terror updates is airport duty free, they have made an absolute killing.

All music is ‘world music’, when it is aimed at the world.

This current life most frustrates those who would desperately love to control it..

If I contradict myself, then I contradict myself.

London is full of more evil than the rest of England combined.

We are now living in the times that will rival probably the 60’s for impact, and excitedly tell our grandchildren, that we were there, and right in the thick of it.

Legalise child-molestation now!

Osho starts to speak and I hear Miles Davis

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