Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Amnesia is encouraged because it diverts us from that aching feeling in our souls.
We recognize how different things could be, not just in the outer objective universe but within ourselves especially. For many people, the distance between the real self and the false self they have created and have been led to believe is actually them has become almost-unbridgeable and it pains them for you to even remind them of this, because I suspect they desperately want to get there too.

The conditioning started when we were young. We were told that a system was already in place to help us get along in life and excel. Everybody followed it, including family, friends, religion, tradition, culture, established society, so we were casually dragged into it as well, with our open hearts and open minds. We accepted their system and rules because we were naturally trusting, and why shouldn’t we be? We didn’t realize the subtle falsity at work, washing over us each moment, diluting our spirit and taking our power, replacing it with sewage and empty boxes with shiny wrapping paper. We didn’t realize that in surrendering our most precious asset, they would repay us with material junk and spiritual garbage, consistently tearing us further and further away from the truth of our own identities.

Everything was for sale, including your point-of-view, and unfortunately you surrendered it with a clean heart to those that pretended they would take care of you and knew some pathway to salvation, but they turned out to be emotional thieves, preying on you, because that was their role in the system, that’s what they had learnt in their years of experience to ‘get ahead’ in the game that adults play for a more fulfilling and ‘happy’ life.

“What would be the purpose of putting holes in a person?”

It’s the Darwinist mindset of might is right, and that if you can tear enough holes into other people so that they know who is boss, you will automatically be in a space of untouched superiority and power. Unfortunately we’ve taken that principle so far, that as frequently neurotic, paranoid, unhappy sentiments we can be, we’ll subconsciously pierce holes into people just to establish a sense of normalcy for ourselves, or at least one that people can visibly see in us. It’s a self defense mechanism on one hand, but it’s become so widespread to step all over to people to get to where you want, that anybody not participating in this dog-eat-dog madness is branded as a na├»ve simpleton. I sometimes despair looking at the packed train doors open, and watching everyone push past other to get in, rudeness is rewarded, how normal now.

The marketing and advertising culture of this system has virtually ensured we live in a world in which lying has become acceptable too, and everything can be glossed up and sold regardless of its suitability to our needs. The whole industry of cosmetics, beauty products, fashion, dependency-drugs, plastic surgery thrives on the notion of telling you that there is ‘something wrong with you’ and ‘we have the cure for $29.99’ so established, regular society and business has left us with a system that perpetually tells us how rubbish, inadequate, inferior and ugly we are, and all we need to do to solve that problem is buy their product to join the ‘popular crew’ with their gleaming pristine teeth and permanent tranquility of life.

We fall for that shit hook-line and sinker because it’s difficult to stand in our own authority and take real decisions on our feelings and emotions and then live with the consequences of those decisions. Many of your friends might even tell you that you’re just ‘going through a phase’ or even consider your perception of the world to be ‘incorrect’ (What a joke! How can a person’s subjective perception of the world born from their own experience ever be considered objectively true or false by an outsider?) but I think you’re onto a solid gold awareness of self, not spiritual-intellectual psycho-babble for the pursuit of a cosmetic journey you can tell your friends about in years to come, but a real awareness of the silence in you, and all of us, and how much power we have handed over to others, surrendered our uniqueness, when we should have had more confidence to trust our own feelings and live by them, rather than struggle to squirm under the light of so-called experts that society stated had the ‘answers’ for living and getting ahead.

Congratulations on coming back to yourself.
Try to stay there from now on.
The rest of the world might be absolutely asleep
But it sounds like you’ve woken up.

PS: I am not bored, and you didn’t “bore my cockles off” That’s another thing, stop apologizing for being yourself! Who gives a fuck what other people think of you and your writing? The best part of reclaiming your thoughts is liberating yourself from the perception of others, because they are not you. Rene Descartes once said “I Rock therefore I am” ok fine, that wasn’t exactly what he said, but you get my drift….you have to be yourself unfiltered, and if people can’t accept you for your authentic self, it’s them that need a reality check.

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