Tuesday, 11 November 2008


It wasn't meant to be like this, but discovering new feelings became hard, so we became afraid to embrace new challenges.
It's tough to face direct rejection in the face, along with the notion that you are rubbish
So anytime you find yourself preferring to stay at home or not engage with different people, go deep inside and explore that

We were not born to be passive people, we were born to be active.
But there is a virus spreading across the society I see, and it's one of passitivity and a kind of apathy.
and if heaven forbid, you are an active soul, prepare to be laughed at, ridiculed and rejected from social circles.
You can't care about respectability if you intend to follow your path

I'm already certain that I'm not going to be held in debt bondage.
I’m far too free to be held captive for a pouch of money to pay my rent.
I'd rather keep my world, that be raped and forced to become a robot suit in theirs.
and I would rather be shoved aside by every person in my current social circle, than be something I'm not.

We are scared to think different, because we become aware of what is good and bad, we develop a belief system.
But what is important is the soul, and allowing the soul to fulfill its own path.
I refuse to get in the middle of my soul's desire to be free and soar.
and to do that, I really should not give so much credence to the beliefs of others and their ways

I love human beings, but I hate what they've become.
The pettiness, the attachment to belief systems, the racism, the desire to conform and convert.
I can't stand people trying to turn me into something I have no desire to be.
I hate how they expect me to change, even by their attitude, which is unreceptive if they can't understand me.

We need to better understand why people have become so passive, and especially uninvolved in the political system.
It's very boring, which is true, but we are distracted also, with adverts, gimmicks, TV, celebs, gizmos
We need to learn how it could be that we forgot history, why objective history is barely even taught in our schools.
Because without learning the lessons that the historians have understood, how can we prevent making the same mistakes?
Humans are blessed with consciousness, unlike animals, and we have a capacity to learn from our experiences and past.
People attached to belief systems, are living in a rudimentary and tribalistic way, and I believe in thousands of years this will be properly understood

and how about you? You saw so much of their bullshit for what it was
but somehow, you just tried to assure your mind that it was sensible, and that you would understand it better in time.
You didn't want to believe the wretched way people lived, or that the lunacy which is still massively primitive rules the earth
You wanted to believe that adults knew, and had sophisticated answers, but it was hard to realize that they were all blagging it too
They were lying and pretending the whole time, out of ego, shame, crisis, status fears
and you were close to giving up your world view which was developed from the experience you had

The milligram experiment showed that people believe a person in authority over their experience
Do you know how dangerous this is?
People believe books more than their human emotions?
God has given us a pre-set Quran, a Bible, a Torah in our bodies, it's our way of experiencing and deciding right from wrong.
It's such an advanced tool, but still we find ourselves falling back into the old cycles where we feel warm and nostalgic.

We need to be ourselves, without shackles
We need to live completely, fearlessly, unafraid, honestly
and when I say 'we' I really mean 'me' because all my advice is for myself
but other people are very welcome to follow if they see something they like, or just toss it in the bin.

The difficulty comes with engagement, and shared values.
People will not mix when blame and scorn is directed, which is really just counterproductive like Dawkins.
Many of man's problems come back to his own psychology, so we need to go in there and examine our minds and heal them.
How can I sit amongst religious people and not start arguments?
Instead, be a unifying force?

I get up each morning and ask myself 'Why are you still here?'
and then 'what do you have to do?'
People refer to following your own path in life as some kind of holy grail, are you fucking kidding me?
It should be completely normal, why should we have to be economic slaves in the first place?

Music can be like a drug, because it makes us passive to the world and drowns out reality in some ways.
Same with TV, Cinema, video games, work, talking about certain things, routines, entertainment
I would like to make a bold assertion: If you are NOT doing something to stop the spread of evil in this world, you are complicit in it.
People hate to be told how fucking rubbish they are, but I'm going to say it if I want to...

All the main religions taught us to be ACTIVE people, you were not born into it, you followed it actively..
These religions taught, that if injustice was being committed around you, and you knew, and did nothing, that it was a sin
Well, Christians seem to have forgotten their religion and culture, because war, poverty and genocide are occurring now.
So, don't use that excuse, that you are not doing anything bad yourself, because you are staying silent in an atrocity, that is a crime.
I can't speak on behalf of others at all, I can only speak for myself, and I can see my head is in the sand like an ostrich.
and I'm sorry, but that's not the kind of person I want to be.
I did not sign up for this...

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