Tuesday, 11 November 2008


In some respects, I am interested in the opposite of news.
News is when something happens.
It is the drama, the story, the event.
When I found out about who formulates news, I began to wonder about everything that was left out of the various daily radio bulletins, TV reports, websites and newspapers.
Many newspapers recently enthusiastically carried stories about the crimes committed by Bosnian leader Radovan Karadzic, stating that he was responsible for the biggest atrocity and genocide since the holocaust, because he allegedly had 8,000 men exterminated in Srebrenica.

But that’s Hyper-Bole.
The biggest genocide having been committed in the last few years is the slow, unreported strangulation of people in the developing world cut off from their land, water and resources and with disease killing off any remaining survivors.
It’s mass-criminality of biblical proportions and an atrocity just the same, but it’s slow and suffocating, not sharp and attention-grabbing.
It does not make a compelling story, therefore it’s not news.

The lie that India is the world’s largest democracy is the best piece of PR and marketing of the 20th Century.
It's complete propaganda.
The slow lethargic suffering of human beings is barely even referred to. ..
Where is the story of mass human suffering, and how people allow it to continue?
Where is the story of that unreported genocide?

I realized a rather long time ago that in this country, there appears to be a disconnection with the people suffering far way from its borders in remote parts of the world.
Out of sight, out of mind is the motto, and it’s true.
With this understanding comes a desire for me to understand what the reasons are for this distance, and whether there is anyway that people here in the UK can actually feel angry enough to reject what is happening across the globe.
Death in Spain is seen as sad and shocking.
Death in Burundi is seen as part of life, the continuation of what we think always occurs there, a tribal unintelligent series of conflicts resulting in irrational massacres by despotic darkie tyrants.