Monday, 3 December 2007


As life creeps up on you, you stop thinking about what is right and switch to what is acceptable.

As life creeps ever nearer, you become a fraction of yourself in an attempt to be considered ‘normal’ and socially interact with the other sentient beings.

As life creeps up to you, you begin to accept this new entity that they have informed you, you are.

As life creeps closer, you begin to accept the system you live in, barely questioning all the gross inequalities and absurd things that would not make logical sense a few years ago.

As life creeps up, you desperately look to ways of existing in a faulty system, hereby perpetuating its problems with your reluctance to demand any change from it.

As life gets closer, you look to support from the people and structures you attached yourself to, but find that they have already moved into different directions without you.

As life creeps up, you are forced to believe those rules you wanted to live by, are childish fantasies that were always impossible. Forget those things, because this is the real world everybody says.

We can take the lesser option, bow our heads down and ‘get with the program’ or we can decide that those ideas we had as children were the purest truth, and everything sense has been a cruel twisted distortion of the truth for the purposes of profit, greed and power.

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Haz said...

This is great, I feel it squeezing-me-in until I pop out in pink suited bubble with a huge grin on my face saying "haiyya!"