Tuesday, 4 December 2007


It's snowing out there
So my mum makes me wear warm cloths
Im all wrapped up now, ready to go
The chain unlocks,
the back door swings open
I see a whole new white world for me to explore
I step out to hear the sound of my little boot
indenting the soft snow

I take a few steps forward, smiling happily at my new freedom
When suddenly I see a small white ball flying straight towards me!
I move sideways and dodge the snowball.
I turn to see my 4 brothers and sisters smiling goofily at having missed me
I remember the look on their faces,
we were all quite young then
and did not know about our parents in the house.
We would spend hours chucking snowballs at each other
and having fun
two voices cutting each other inside the house.

We all stopped what we were doing
and looked through the window
The moment silenced all of us
The day was ruined
Christmas was over
Our innocent moments of bliss were taken away
By the evil things
that adults do to each other

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Sheena said...

Oh, Asim. *hug*