Monday, 3 December 2007


For every person that makes me feel guilty for trying to de-construct my own personality, I raise 2 fingers in their direction, in the declaration of my freedom and liberty to cleanse myself in any form I see as beneficial and necessary to me. I don’t believe people should spend less time deconstructing themselves, but more time. This statement may appear to be arrogant, but it’s not rooted in any kind of egotism at all. It’s rooted in the need to remove all the shit you’ve been filled with for 23 years. All those fake smiles, false advertisements, fictitious newspapers, distorted statements by people you revered as gods, all those modes of thinking transcribed from your parents, culture, religion, tradition that were wrong, all the advice by people who were simply directing themselves, all those school friends who were desperate for you to be fucked-up like them, all the rules that destroyed themselves, and all those horrible things your sister said to you, that went into your brain and destroyed all the insides. Suddenly there was a need to care about your face, about being rich and popular, being part of a movement, all lies and manipulations, to prevent an explosion of humanistic bliss and authenticity.

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