Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Some people, seek the feeling of alignment with others purely as a protective measure to protect themselves from feeling pathetic and outdated.
They don't mean immediate harm, but they are afraid of being alone and allign themselves with anyone willing to listen, and in the process get pulled down by their forceful stupidity.
The fear on my part is that are trying to stupidify me.
Look, don't use "We share a common ground" or "Were both the same, innit?"
Your attitude is a reflection of yourself, don't bring me into this.....
collectivism breeds sheep mentality, which ultimately brings about group idiocy.

So much fragmentation for what?
The world escapes me, for what?
To re-examine?
We fought so hard for the sunlight, and some people still think they are better?
Do they own oxygen? Can they understand the routine of the cosmos?
Did they patent it? Do they own the exclusive rights?
Have they the answers to why birth and death feel the same?
So what if you don't fit into my box?
Don't take my box away, at least.
They say fruit never falls far from the tree.
I disagree with the idea of growth.

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