Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Solemn like a scattered orthodontist
Left over from the night before
Sarin gas in brain attack
Lying lynching catacombs
Stop the worry
Go to North Carolina
Never leave home
Be still Jesus, the attacks will soon stop
Left over hope makes me cry fragmented tears
Leave the children alone, they don't deserve to be hurt
Why wont pain stop?
How much can someone hold?
Witches flying into McDonalds billboards
The blood is turned to ketchup

Let's all feed ourselves with poison
Don't worry, the cats are not envelopes
Seven catfish died on the shores with the cockle pickers
Why are Chinese lives ignored?
Why don't the Muslims care about Tibetans?

Jesus locked in a cage commands us to help him
We pretend not to see him
He offers advice on this road, I feel like washing his feet
Nobody cares for the sun that gives us no light
Calculate the irony in this room
Who makes sense?

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