Monday, 3 December 2007

Emotional Experiments Volume 1

....and at the back of my mind I can feel it growing.How could I have been so foolish to believe that life could be lived via books and TV? To learn how to swim you have to dive into the water. There is no other way. Self-growth is directly connected with the degree of sincerity in which you pursue your passions.There are diverse possibilities, unlimited potential reserves and vast expanses of life to drown in.

When we fall into a routine, we become so comfortable in it, that we become allergic to change of any type. It's a black hole that only sucks us in further and further each day. Our parents were wrong to transpose their cultural propoganda on us, just as we were wrong to deny our god-given right to be individuals independent of supposed 'blood relations'.

I want to say this: Everyone on the planet has something about themselves that they wish they could change. Some people despise the shape of their nose, their lips, their hips, their shoulders, their cheeks ETC. We read so deeply into ourselves that we become obsessed with changing something that we see as 'negatively different' to what the rest of society dictates. Rather than revert to cosmetic surgery, why don't we accept that we have all been crafted by the almighty, and when we become hateful of our faces, we are kinda becoming hateful of the one who created us from nothing. What right do we have to demand a different face than that one which our creator gave to us?

We are owed nothing.

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